Configuring LEDBAT on CM DPs

What is LEDBAT?

LEDBAT (Low Extra Delay Background Transport) is designed to dynamically yield bandwidth to users and applications, while consuming the entire bandwidth available when the network is not in use. It’s a scavenger protocol – it scavenges whatever network bandwidth is available on the network, and uses it. LEDBAT can optimize any TCP sender-side workload. LEDBAT can be enabled on a Configuration Manager Distribution Point and can be monitored by StifleR.

Enabling LEDBAT on a Configuration Manager DP

To enable LEDBAT on a CM distribution point:

Administration - Distribution Points. Select the Distribution Point - Properties. Adjust the download speed to use the unused network bandwidth (Windows LEDBAT)

  1. Open the Configuration Manager console and select the Administration workspace.

  2. Select Distribution Points.

  3. In the list of distribution points, right click the distribution point and in the context menu select Properties.

  4. At the distribution point Properties box, check the box: Adjust the download speed to use the unused network bandwidth (Windows LEDBAT) and then click OK to save the setting.

Enabling Monitoring of LEDBAT for StifleR

In order to track LEDBAT enabled downloads, each LEDBAT enabled content server (or CM DP) requires an IIS ‘Response Header’ to be added that will tag LEDBAT traffic so that it can be identified by StifleR Clients. On the Configuration Manager DP, use appcmd.exe to add the IIS response header:

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set config -section:system.webserver/httpProtocol /+"customHeaders.[name='LEDBAT',value='true']"

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