Network Topology

When deploying the StifleR solution in your environment, it is important to consider your network topology.

An important concept to understand when working with Network Topologies in StifleR is the relationship between three network types:

  • Network - an individual subnet.

  • Network Group - A Network Group contains one or more subnets (defined as Networks) which are reachable with good speed to each other. Some additional information:

    • Traffic is not considered a cost inside a network group

    • Designed to limit P2P traffic at certain sites

    • P2P traffic is never shared between network groups

    • Bandwidth controls are applied to Network Groups, so understanding bandwidth limitations within this level of the topology is important to consider

  • Location - represents a physical location in StifleR and contains one or several Network Groups. It contains physical information such as address, administrators etc. It defines a physical, worldly location, hence the name Location.

    A Location can store one or several Network Groups which contains Networks.

The below diagram illustrates the logical structure of a StifleR network topology.

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