StifleR Client Installation


  • Windows 10 or later

  • Supported are x86 or x64 versions of the operating systems

    • Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate versions

    • Newer Educational SKU is also supported

    • Microsoft .NET 4.8.2 must be installed on the client


Automated Installation

You can install the StifleR Client interactively, via the MSI wizard based install. This is described in the StifleR Planning and Deployment guide. For the purposes of expediency and testing however, we will install the client using the MSI command line.

For example:

To install the StifleR Client with default settings, in Windows Service Based Mode with a single StifleR server defined , and the URL for the StifleR rules XML download, run the following command line from an elevated command prompt:

msiexec /i StifleR.ClientApp.Installer64.msi INSTALLTYPE=2 STIFLERSERVERS=http://yourserverfqdn:1414 STIFLERULEZURL="http://yourserverfqdn/StiflerRules/StifleRulez.xml" UPDATERULESTIMERINSEC="3600" /qn

The full table showing the available MSI properties, switches, options and defaults can be found in the Planning and Deployment guide.

Automated Installation via Script

2Pint has provided an installation script which can be used to automate the installation as well as handle various scenarios which might occur during the installation. The script can be found at the following location:

The script implementation includes two files:

  • StifleR_Client_Installer.ps1

  • StifleRDefaults.ini

To deploy the script, all of the files and the StifleR.ClientApp.Installer64.msi should be placed in the same folder or content source folder. To customize the client installation for your environment, modify the StifleRDefaults.ini with the settings specific to your environment. To invoke the settings in the StifleRDefaults.ini file, use the following command:

.\StifleR_Client_Installer.ps1 -Defaults .\StifleRDefaults.ini

Manual Installation

From an Elevated Command prompt launch StifleR.ClientApp.Installer64.msi.

At the "Welcome" screen, feel welcomed, and then click Next.

At the "End-User License Agreement" screen, once you have reviewed the EULA, check the box: I accept the terms in the License Agreement, and then click Next.

At the"StifleR Server(s) screen, enter the URL to the StifleR web service and port and then click Next.

At the "Destination Folder" screen, enter the path in which the StifleR Beacon server program files should be installed and then click Next.

At the "Ready to install..." screen, click Install to begin the installation.

At the "Completed" screen, the installation wizard is complete. Click Finish and enjoy a nice cup of craft beer, you’ve earned it.

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