BranchCache across Subnets


To support BranchCache across subnets, StifleR is using the Blue Leader feature that is enabled by default when connecting multiple subnets together to form a location. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

Note: For the Blue Leader threads to start, you need to have at least 2 subnets linked in a location, and you need to have at least two active clients on each subnet. The subnets also have to be configured for Low Bandwidth, subnets set to Well Connected are not supported for the Blue Leader feature. Until these requirements are met, there is no visibility in the Blue Leader logs.

Blue Leader Troubleshooting Checklist

  1. Make sure the Blue Leader firewall ports are opened. If you are using TCP 1337 for BranchCache, the Blue Leader port will be TCP 1338. You also need UDP 3703-3705 open in addition to the default UDP 3702 port for BranchCache

  2. Make sure the subnets are configured for Low Bandwidth, and linked together via the Location feature in StifleR.

  3. Make sure there are at least two active clients on each subnet.

  4. For BranchCache OSD support across subnets, the WinPE Firewall must be disabled after the BCEnabler action has run. Add a run command line action that runs: wpeutil disablefirewall

Intra-VLAN Transfer Logs and flow

The same flow can go bi-directional at any given time, i.e. the diagram below show traffic that is requested in Subnet A from Subnet B, but at the same time Subnet B can be requesting the same (or other traffic from Subnet A).

Verification methods

Verify that the clients are working, on the blue leaders, verify that the ports have been bound OK by running the following command:

Netstat -aon | findstr / ":3703"

That should return a line with the PID as the last entry. Then that PID entry can be used to verify the rest of the ports:

The value of 8824 indicates the PID in this example, so we can use that query all the ports used with the following, similar command:

You can also query the other ports as per the first way:

Then we want to make sure that the port used to proxy the HTTP traffic is bound OK by the HTTP.SYS, in order to do this we need to run the following command:

Netstat -aon | findstr / ":1338"

Where 1338 is the default port used to bridge BranchCache traffic in StifleR.

The following result indicates that the HTTP server has crashed and not recovered, as no port is bound:

This can be the case, even though the UDP ports are bound. StifleR client 1.9.8 and upwards deals with this in a better way and this scenario should not happen.

The result should look like this:

Detection of traffic

It can be hard to troubleshoot this, but on the client that requests the data, you should see connections to Blue Leader that is in the same subnet as the requesting client, the following command will list all connections if run on the requesting client:

Netstat -aon | findstr / ":1338"

The should then return one or several entries pointing to the Blue Leader.

Which port is BranchCache operating on?

You need to both set the URL acl as well as set the right registry value.

netsh http show urlacl | findstr /i "0131501b-d67f-491b-9a40-c4bf27bcb4d4"

Hosted Cache mode settings

Set in the following location: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\PeerDist\HostedCache\Connection

Reg_Dword ConnectPort and ListenToPort

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