Maintenance tasks

The StifleR Server(s) needs regular maintenance like any other critical infrastructure to function effectively and continuously. In this section you find an operations guide that the sysadmin or operations team can follow to maintain a StifleR Environment. The guide is divided in to daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly operation tasks.

In general the tasks described in these documents should be implemented into whatever ticketing system that is being used, such as Service Now, Remedy or Zendesk.

Daily Maintenance Tasks

  1. Verify that the nightly backup was successful

  2. Check free disk space on all volumes on the StifleR Server (s)

  3. Review the StifleR Server Event log

  4. Review the StifleR Resource Manager log (if implemented)

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

  1. Review all daily tasks

  2. Review and disk space usage on the StifleR Server(s), and compare to previous week to see trends etc.

  3. Verify that networks haven’t changed (boundaries etc.)

Monthly Maintenance Tasks

To be added, but these are for preparing for upgrades, and to establish long term trends. Usually scheduled meetings with workplace managers and other team members.

Quarterly to semi-annual Maintenance Tasks

  1. Review the security plan for any needed changes

  2. Change accounts and passwords if necessary according to your security plan

  3. Review the maintenance schedule for upgrades to the StifleR platform

  4. Check StifleR performance to ensure changes have not been made that affect operations

  5. Review the disaster recovery plan for any needed changes

  6. Perform a site recovery according to the disaster recovery plan in a test lab

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