The Clients section in the navigation bar includes multiple sections to view client activity and status. Use the Search field to filter data on a specific client.

Clients Overview

The Clients Overview page provides real-time data of the StifleR clients connected to the StifleR server.

Online - displays the percentage of clients currently connected and reporting to the StifleR server. Active - displays the percentage of clients currently downloading content. Roaming - displays the percentage of clients considered roaming. VPN - displays the percentage of clients currently connected to VPN. WiFi - displays the percentage of clients connected to WiFi. Battery - displays the percentage of clients currently running on battery. Client connectivity over 31 days - displays a running line chart of the number of clients connected over the past 31 days. Download activity over 31 days - displays a running bar chart of client download activity over the last 31 days.

The Extended Search page allows administrators to search use basic queries to display a list of clients. Modify the query and click the Execute query button to display the results.

In the search results, click the Link next to the client to display additional Client Details.

WiFi Coverage

The WiFi Coverage page displays an overview of the status of StifleR client's wireless connections.

Spread of WiFi radio type in use for x clients on WiFi - provides a pie chart and percentages of the different types of radios in which StifleR clients are connected. SSID & access point statistics - displays a total count of SSIDs and access points reported by StifleR clients. A statistic displaying the ratio of access points to clients is also provided. Spread of WiFi connectivity per signal strength graph - the graph is delineated by the different types of radios and is measured by the signal strength reported by the client.

Weekly Connectivity

The Weekly Connectivity page displays a time-based chart which highlights the client connectivity metrics based on time of day for the past week.

Clients History

The Clients History page displays chart of count of types of clients reporting over a user defined range of time. The data displayed can be customized by clicking Select categories and altering the time range as well as the client types to report. To update the chart, select the Filter button.

Elevation Status

The Elevation Status page provides an administrative overview of the account elevation status and terminal service sessions of the currently logged on users. This information includes which clients currently have high elevation permissions, and currently logged on local admins. The table at the bottom of the page lists the various client properties and counts of machines with those properties.

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