Moving the StifleR Server Databases to a New Drive on the Same Server

The information on this page only applied to StifleR Server 2.10.


The 2Pint StifleR Server, by default, stores its databases in the %ProgramData% folder which is typically located on the C: drive. In some cases, an admin might want to move the databases to another drive. The steps below describes the process of migrating the StifleR databases to another folder on the same server.


  1. On the server hosting the StifleR server, create a new folder where you would like to store the databases. In this example, the folder will be D:\StifleRDBs.

  2. Stop the "2Pint Software StifleR Server" service.

  3. Copy the folder structure from C:\ProgramData\2Pint Software\StifleR\Server\Databases to the folder created in step 1, Ex: D:\StifleRDBs.

  4. To modify the configuration, you will need to edit the StifleR.Service.exe.config and appSettings-override.xml files. It is recommended to make a backup copy of the file before proceeding. The file is located in the installation directory in which StifleR was installed.

  5. Open a text editor as administrator and edit the StifleR.Service.exe.config file.

  6. In the StifleR.Service.exe.config file, under the <appSettings file="./appSettings-override.xml"> line, add the following:

    <add key="NewLocationDatabasePath" value="D:\StifleRDBs\Location" />
    <add key="MainDatabasePath" value="D:\StifleRDBs\Main" />
    <add key="HistoryDatabasePath" value="D:\StifleRDBs\History" />
  7. Save the StifleR.Service.exe.config file then start the "2Pint Software StifleR Server" service.

  8. Check the Event Viewer - Applications and Services Logs - TwoPintSoftware - StrifleR.Service - Operational and check for errors.


  1. Open the StifleR Dashboard and verify that you can logon and verify that the data is available as expected, specifically your Networks.

  2. If all looks well, feel free to delete the Databases folder under: C:\ProgramData\2Pint Software\StifleR\Server. If not, see the next section to Backout of the change.


  1. If an error occurred and you need to restore the previous configuration. Stop the 2Pint Software StifleR Server service.

  2. Restore the backup copy of the StifleR.Service.exe.config and start the 2Pint Software StifleR Server service.

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