StifleR Client Command Line Options

This page covers what command line options can be sent to the StifleR client.

The StifleR Client executable accepts various command line arguments which can be used for troubleshooting and configuration. When executing most command lines, the /Service switch should be used.

/? - Check the manual for command line options.

/Service - Simulates running as a service, should always be used otherwise clients exits.

/Locale - Displays OS installed language info

/IETW - ETWInstaller.InstallETWManifests

/UETW - ETWInstaller.UninstallETWManifest

/Set - Sets values in config file as in Key=value format

/RemoveFilterDriver - removes the StifleRS.sys filter drivers

/ResetPolicy removes the BITS & DO Maintenance Policy

/Task - Do not run as a service but as triggered from events, client will exit

/jobid: - Command line execution for BITS service, used with /Task

/LogEventLevel - 0-5

/Log - specifies which log to display

  • Bandwidth

  • BITSBranchCache

  • DeliveryOptimization

  • Location

  • MainLoop

  • Program

  • SignalR

  • TypeDetection

/Debug - Waiting for debugger - for development purposes only.

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