StifleR Network Locations

Once you install the StifleR client on some test systems, they will report to the StifleR server, which will start to populate the Location information based on the data sent back from the clients.

Each ’newly discovered’ location/subnet has a set of default parameters, and for the purposes of testing, there are some configuration changes that should be made to enable optimal performance while testing.

Network scenarios

StifleR works with many different scenarios for networking:

  • Multiple NAT infrastructers, such as several companies with overlapping network ids

  • Ethernet to Ethernet – Regular routes

  • Ethernet to WiFi – Regular routes

  • WiFi on own network

  • Secondary routes – LTE backup

  • Local Internet breakouts

Configure Subnet Bandwidth

On the StifleR server – run the following command from an elevated Command prompt

wmic /namespace:\\root\stifler path Subnets.SubnetId="" set TargetBandwidth=xxxx

Where is the subnet ID of your test location and

xxxx is the target bandwidth that you wish to allow for that subnet in Kilobits. So 1024 = 1 Mbit

The Target Bandwidth is the network total bandwidth usage limit that is defined for ALL StifleR clients at that location – so if the limit is set to 4Mbit/s – then the TOTAL bandwidth usage across all clients at that location will not exceed that limit.

Populate Subnet Summary Information


The summary information for a subnet provides an easy to read description of the subnet in the StifleR dashboards.

Run the following commands from an elevated Command prompt.

wmic /namespace:\\root\stifler path Subnets.SubnetId="" set Description=”Test
wmic /namespace:\\root\stifler path Subnets.SubnetId="" set Town=”SomeTown”
wmic /namespace:\\root\stifler path Subnets.SubnetId="" set Country=”USA”

You can of course substitute the entries above with those of you own choosing.

Manually through the Dashboards

From the main StifleR Menu (Top LHS matrix icon) navigate to the dashboard for the particular subnet on which you wish to add some summary information. You may then click on a field and you will be presented with an edit box into which you may enter the required details.

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