StifleR controls access to the two main server components, i.e the SignalR Hub and the Web service. This control applies to both users (who access StifleR Dashboards) and StifleR Clients (who access the SignalR Hub).

User Access Control

Access to the StifleR Server service is controlled by AD Global group memberships. During the StifleR Server installation, an admin can set the value for the AD Global groups representing specific administrative roles. By default, the installer provides assumed names for these AD Global groups, which are listed in the table below. The group names are written to the StifleR Server Configuration file which can be modified after the installation.




StifleR Global Admins

Full read and write right access to ALL objects

All (does NOT require Dashboard Access membership)

StifleR Dashboard Access

Access to dashboard and overview statistics only

Statistics, summary data etc. No WMI access

StifleR Global Read

Gives read only rights to ALL locations and statistics. Including WMI.

Read Access on ALL locations. Must be member of Dashboard Access also

For information on how to control how StifleR Clients access the StifleR Server, see StifleR Client Access Control Options.

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