The Match – TypeData


Next the <TypeData> section of the file is parsed, starting from the top. If there is a match, the search stops, so therefore it is important to enter the TypeData rules in the correct order. The rules need to identify a BITS Job by a certain attribute of that job, be it title, download URL or some other marker.

The XML file contains a number of ways to determine the type of download as follows:


These entries attempt to exactly match the title of a BITS/DO download. The comparison string in contained within the > <

<Type TypeID="215" Match="Equals" CCMDTSType="0">CCMDTS Job</Type>

In the example above, we know that all Microsoft ConfigMgr content downloads have a BITS job title of “CCMDTS Job”. More on ConfigMgr specifics later in this document.


If you only know part of the Job title you can use the ‘Contains’ verb to obtain a match.

<Type TypeID="109" Match="Contains">Microsoft Outlook Offline Address Book</Type>

This means that if the Job title includes the string contained within the > < (which in the case above is “Microsoft Outlook Offline Address Book”) a match will be made.


This checks if the display name of the job starts with the defined Value.

<Type TypeID="6" Match="StartsWith">Microsoft Outlook</Type>

The above rule would match “Microsoft Outlook Offline Address Book” but could also match “Microsoft Outlook Some other download” – which is why it is important to order your TypeID rules correctly.

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