Green Leader

A Green Leader is a client which can function as a Hosted Cache server which can been manually specified on a template or network group.

A Green Leader can be defined by modifying a Template or a Network Group.

Important Note: Be aware! If a green leader is set on a template, all network groups using that template will use the Green Leader specified. This can cause unwanted traffic over locations with bad connectivity between them.

Resulting Configuration

When a client is configured to be a Green Leader, the client will be configured as such:

  • The BranchCache cache size will be configured based on the following rules:

    • If the disk size is under 128 GB, the BranchCache cache size will be set to 50GB.

    • If the disk size is above 128GB, the BranchCache cache size will be set to 50% of the total disk size.

  • The TwoPint.PeerDist.BlueGreenLeader.exe process will be started

  • The BranchCache port to will be configured to TCP port 1336.

  • The BranchCache port will be configured to listen on port 1337 for Hosted cache traffic.

BranchCache Mode Configuration

Depending on what settings is used for the Template/Network group the clients may behave differently:

Distributed mode (Force Hosted Cache mode = Disabled) :

If the network group contains multiple networks and the Green Leader is on a different network from the client requesting data, one of the following will occur:

  • If the network with the Green Leader or requesting client contains 4 or less clients - The clients will switch to "Hostedclient" mode and point directly to the green leader(s).

  • If the network with the Green Leader or requesting client contains 5 or more clients - The clients will send normal BC probes and internetwork connectivity will be handled by the Blue Leader clients.

Hosted client (Force Hosted Cache mode = Enabled):

In this mode the Green Leader will behave as a Hosted Cache Server. This means the client will store data in its cache and share it with requesting clients. The requesting clients are set to "Hostedclient" mode and the clients them self will not save any BC data but rather forward the data to the Green Leader (in the same way as they would have done to a Hosted Cache server).

Note: The Green Leader can both send and receive data from a BranchCache enabled WinPE client.

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