ConfigMgr Specific Rules

Matching specific Configuration Manager download types can be a little complicated. We shall use the following XML file line as an example:

<Type TypeID="256" Match="Equals" WellConnected="0" UserInitiated="1" CCMDTSType="4" WinPE="1">CCMDTS Job</Type> <!--Task Sequence in WinPE : User Initiated Low Bandwidth -->


Used to match for Well Connected sites

In our example WellConnected="0" is a match for a normal StifleR bandwidth-controlled site,


Used to identify a specific type of ConfigMgr deployment

0 = Package/Program

4 = Task Sequence

5 = Software Update

8 = Application

In our example CCMDTSType="4" matches a ConfigMgr Task Sequence download.


Specifies whether the download job was started by a user (“1”) or not (“0”)

In the example UserInitiated="1" would only match ConfigMgr downloads which were triggered by the user.


Specifies if the download is coming from WinPE.

In our example WinPE="1" will only match if the download is running in WinPE

Putting all three of the above rules together we can see that this line will match to Task Sequence Download, initiated by the user, running in WinPE.


Identifies Task Sequence download behavior

<Type TypeID="209" Match="Equals" DownloadOnDemand="1" CCMDTSType="4">CCMDTS Job</Type> <!--Task Sequence in Full OS : Required Deployment : Download on Demand -->

This rule will apply for a TS which has been set to Download Content as required rather than before execution of the Task Sequence ( CCMDTSType="4" )

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