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Top 10 Downloads

The Top 10 Downloads page displays the current top 10 downloads being executed at the time the page is loaded.

Download Analytics

The Download Analytics page displays several charts which displays general download analytics in several categories.

Top 4 download types - displays the top 4 download type counts. Top 4 downloads by size of all data (jobs * size) - displays the top 4 download types by size. Top 6 hosts accessed - most common server hosts - displays the top 6 downloads hosts which includes on-premise and Internet hosts such as MS CDN servers.

Top 7 downloads by payload of individual downloads - displays the top 7 download types by payload (size) such as Windows Updates and Office Click-to-Run. Top 6 downloads pulling data from source - displays the top 6 download types by count. Top 4 downloads using P2P - displays the top 4 download types which are being peered.

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