A "Network" in StifleR is the same as a subnet.

A subnet is an IPv4 network range that is calculated by the client using the IP Gateway and Subnet information from the network interface used to access the source data.

NOTE Currently, IPv6 is not supported. However this has not been fully tested or enabled by default. If you require IPv6 support in your environment then please contact the 2Pint Support team and we can give you some specific advice around this functionality.

The correct adapter and path to use are calculated using the Windows API’s. StifleR is able to identify which gateway is the best one to use in order to access the data. StifleR is then able to calculate the subnet based on the first IP address configured on the adapter which is in the same network segment as the gateway that the client is configured to use. The reason for this complexity is that Issues arise as a NIC can have multiple IP addresses on different subnets. Confused? The following may help:

Consider a client machine that has both a Wireless 3G Card and a Cable plugged into a physical Ethernet Port. StifleR provides Windows with the IP address of the source host, and Windows returns the best interface to access the data. An inquiry is then made on that interface which is the best route (gateway) to the source. The best gateway that should be used to access the source data is then returned,. We then iterate through all the available IP Addresses on that interface and identify the first one that has the gateway set to the same as that previously identified. This is then used to calculate the network ID using the IP address and the subnet information. This is the network segment ID that is then send up to the StifleR Server. This should be the correct network ID to use, unless the network segment is broken and clients have switched over to 3G connections or other data networks.

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