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Other Features

Visibility and Control Through the StifleR Dashboards

The 2Pint StifleR Dashboards allow you to monitor and control the movement and location of individual data streams, while it is being transferred over the network, in real time.
Without this visibility, you’re flying blind and may be at risk when dealing with zero-day security patches, requests from high profile users, mission-critical fixes, and other high priority content distribution.
The various StifleR Dashboards allow you to drill down through Location and/or Job paths. At each step there is the ability to set various parameters and control distribution through such settings as Bandwidth allowance or job priorities from the Global level, Site/Subnet level, right down to the individual client.


Once configured with the relevant Network and Location data, StifleR is designed to run on ‘Auto-Pilot’ and will transparently and automatically manage and adjust bandwidth controls across the Enterprise. In cases where there is a need to change settings manually, to expedite certain custom deployments for example, instant configuration changes can be automated and scripted via PowerShell and the 2Pint WMI Provider or can be changed directly through the dashboard GUI interface all at the client, subnet, site or enterprise level.

StifleR and Configuration Manager

StifleR is designed to greatly enhance how all content is delivered including Configuration Manager data. It is awesome at providing up to the second information for small datasets. StifleR gives you full visibility over content delivery with the ability to monitor content in transit and to automatically tune bandwidth usage in real time. StifleR also gives you visibility and control over your Configuration Manager Peer Cache data delivery as well as LEDBAT traffic.