Order of Installation

For a typical StifleR implementation the order in which you should deploy and configure each component of the system is as follows:-

Enable and Configure your Microsoft P2P Infrastructure

A successful StifleR deployment relies on a correctly installed and configured Microsoft P2P infrastructure. This is beyond the scope of this document but, as usual, there’s a lot of useful information and links on the 2PintSoftware.com website to help in this regard.

Set Up User Accounts and Groups

During the installation of the StifleR Server you must enter the name of the several Global Security Groups as shown in the Security Section previous. These groups should be set up prior to installation. The most important at this stage is the Administrators group (“Domain\StifleR Global Admins” by default). Access to StifleR configuration options is limited to members of this group which may be either Local or Domain based and you should have set your main administrator account as a member of this group for post installation administration.

Configure the StifleR Rules XML

The StifleR client will check through its queue of active downloads (both BITS and DO) and will prioritize them according to a locally held XML configuration file containing a set of rules that are configured centrally by the administrator and automatically distributed to clients.
This file contains a simple rule set that defines the content download jobs and the priority that the administrator has assigned to each job type. See the StifleR rules definition guide for more details on how to create and configure the rules file.
The clients will download the rules definition XML from a configured URL. This URL must be created, and for the purposes of this guide we will assume that it is on the same server as StifleR itself.
  1. 1.
    Place your customized stiflerulez.xml in a folder on the StifleR server e.g.: C:\ProgramData\2Pint Software\StifleR\Rules
  2. 2.
    Create a Virtual folder in IIS as follows:-
From an elevated PowerShell prompt, execute the following command:
New-WebVirtualDirectory -Site "Default Web Site" -Name StiflerRules  - PhysicalPath “C:\ProgramData\2Pint Software\StifleR\Rules”
This command will create a virtual folder which you will then use during the StifleR client install to configure the clients to automatically update their rules definition. The URL will be:
NOTE: You must also configure the UpdateRulesTimerInSec value (Client Installation Setting). This is set to “0” (Disabled) by default.

Install StifleR Server(s)

  • Install StifleR on servers and configure monitoring
  • Monitor load during StifleR client deployment
  • Deploy Rules for your environment

Install StifleR Beacon Servers

  • Installed onto stable known end points in your data centres

Deploy StifleR Clients

  • Deploy in stages
  • Monitor
  • Plan ongoing configuration