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Dashboards, Client and Beacon Server Installation

If you either did not have IIS installed onto your StifleR server when you installed the Service Component or you are using a separate IIS server, you may need to install the Dashboard Feature on its own.

Manual Installation

The Dashboard Feature can be installed manually through the interactive MSI by simply selecting the ”Install StifleR Dashboards (IIS Required)” checkbox at the ”Select Operation Mode and Parameters” step of the installation. Run this on the IIS server that is to host the Dashboards website.
NOTE: Manual installation is not available if run on the Server to which the StifleR Service has already been installed. In this case perform an automatic installation.

Automatic Installation

WARNING Do not use the ADDLOCAL=DashboardFeature switch. At the time of writing there is no automatic method to uninstall a standalone dashboard installation.
On the IIS Server that is to host the Dashboard website, from an elevated command prompt, run the following command line (Case Sensitive):
msiexec /i StifleR.Installer64.msi CABSOURCE=C:\Temp\License.cab /qn ADDLOCAL=DashboardFeature

Beacon Server Installation

Similar to the Dashboard installation. Command Line install (Case Sensitive):
msiexec /i StifleR.Installer64.msi CABSOURCE=C:\Temp\License.cab /qn ADDLOCAL=BeaconFeature

StifleR Client Installation


  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Supported are x86 or x64 versions of the operating systems
    • Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate versions
    • Newer Educational SKU is also supported
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 must be installed on the client
The client is a .NET 4.6.2 executable with some C++ helper DLLs. It will run on any operating system that is capable of running .NET 4.6.2 . This includes most operating systems from Windows 7 and above with the exceptions of Home and other consumer versions of Windows.

Client Modes

As explained in the ”Planning your StifleR implementation” section, the StifleR Client can be installed in one of two modes;
  • Windows Service Based Mode – always connected to the StifleR Server, running as a Windows Service - Recommended
  • Read Only – Reporting only

StifleRulez.xml File Update

As a part of the Server installation you may have set up a virtual directory so that the clients can download the rules definition XML from a configured internal URL. If you leave the default setting and the clients will default to use the StifleRulex.xml file which is stored on the 2Pint website. In this case they would require internet access.
In all cases you will still need to configure the UpdateRulesTimerInSec value as this is set to “0” (disabled) by default.

Manual Installation

From an elevated command prompt launch the client installation .MSI.

Automated Installation

Installation is preferably performed using the MSI file with command line parameters.
For example:
To install the StifleR Client with default settings, in Windows Service Based Mode with a single StifleR server defined , and the URL for the StifleR rules XML download you would run the following command line from an elevated command prompt:
msiexec /i StifleR.ClientApp.Installer64.msi INSTALLTYPE=2
STIFLERULEZURL="http://yourserverfqdn/StiflerRules/StifleRulez.xml" UPDATERULESTIMERINSEC=”3600” /qn
The following table shows the available MSI properties, switches, options and defaults.
Figure 6 StifleR Client MSI Installation Switches