Firewall Ports

StifleR Ports

The following (client) ports are used for the InterVLAN feature (see later). An asterisk (*) indicates a dynamic Port number. BranchCache tries to use a random port among the dynamic port range (49152-65535) as specified in RFC6335 section 6. Port Number Ranges:
Figure 4 Port Number Matrix
Server – Client Communication
  • Source – dynamic
  • Destination – Port 1414 TCP/IP & Port 1414 UDP for Web Sockets
Web Server - Dashboards
  • Source - dynamic
  • Port 9000 is used by server to host the dashboard/data API. Dashboard uses it to connect to the REST API to get data
  • Port 80 - dashboards
Beacon Server Port
  • For clients to send iperf packets – Server TCP 5201