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StifleR Enterprise Features

BranchCache V2-V1 Auto Detection

StifleR is able to detect that you have a mixture of BranchCache V2 and V1 computers in your environment and automatically assign the V2 machines to become Red Leaders. V2 computers are able to generate hashed data for both V1 and V2 clients. Unlike V1 machines however, V2 machines are able to utilize deduplication on the download side which greatly speeds up the overall transfer time for the V1 clients. For more information on BranchCache version interoperation please visit the 2Pint website.

Inter VLAN P2P

At Locations with multiple VLANs or Subnets StifleR Blue Leaders are assigned. These clients are able to act as BranchCache communication proxies and allow P2P traffic to cross network boundaries. In larger locations with limited WAN connectivity back to the data centre this feature is invaluable in order to limit WAN usage as far as possible.

Command Line Execution

Using the command line execution feature you can easily run commands across many systems at one time.

PowerShell Everywhere!

Same as the Command Line execution, but with PowerShell scripts on Clients instead. Each script is distributed to the client and executed.

Create Your Own BITS Downloads

StifleR not only monitors BITS downloads, it can create them too. Here’s a couple of suggestions for usage of this feature:–
  • Download the ‘top 10’ most accessed files from your corporate intranet into the BranchCache cache overnight
  • Seed (pre stage) certain key systems in remote Locations with Software Updates that can then be shared via BranchCache


StifleR has Wake-on-LAN technology built in which may be used to power on systems in a Location that hold cached content that are needed by Peer clients. This saves bandwidth and time as the transfer becomes P2P instead of WAN based.