What's New

Windows LEDBAT++ Tracking

Track the network usage when using LEDBAT in real-time and verify that the server connection is established using the right TCP Template (Internet Custom) and that the right congestion provider is configured for this template.
Why? 'cause people want to know that LEDBAT is really enabled.
Where? See the connection information (including template info) in the Client Info dashboard. You can also see LEDBAT traffic highlighted in a different colour in the Transfer Overview and Subnet Dashboards
What’s next? The ability to change edit the templates from the dashboards.

Improved Client Info

Why? So it’s easier to find stuff about individual clients, both online and offline.
Where? Search is the easiest way to find a machine. You can search all of the properties using key=value syntax, like ip=
What’s next? More buttons to directly view, clear things on the client, like the CCM cache etc. The Shutdown/Disconnect etc buttons will come in first.
New Client Dashboard

View Network Connections and templates

Why? To make sure the right templates are set when using LEDBAT ++
Where? The connections are visible from the list in the Client Info dashboard, both server and clients show the value. As LEDBAT++ is currently only a server side (sender) feature the StifleR client has to be installed on the server in order to show the connections and templates used.
What’s next? We will expand on showing more information from the templates and also setting these templates (prefix etc.) from within StifleR.
Connections List

Realtime Network Monitoring

Why? Track all network connections in real time. Super useful for security investigations or to diagnose unusual network traffic or usage patterns.
Where? Client Info dashboard
What's Next? More real time monitoring capabilities.
Real Time Network Monitoring

Improved Client Dashboard

Why? Better tracking of client types and usage over time.
Where? Clients Overview Dashboard
What Next? More historical reporting and real time analysis of Client and Network Health and usage patterns
Client Overview

Client Database

What?The server now stores most static information for clients, which is great as statistics can be pulled regardless of when clients are connected. This is exposed in WMI under the Clients WMI class. The old clients class was a sub class of Connections and is removed. The old parent class Connections still exists and has all the properties that Clients used to have.
Why? So we can send less data and report more when clients are NOT online.
Where? It’s in a ESENT self healing database.
Whats’s next? More reports on what’s in the database and more things to put into the database, things like average WiFi signal strength etc.

Client Network Location Tracking

The new client database tracks when the clients are online, and which network it is available on. This will be used as a foundation for the future Pre-Caching features
Show when clients power up/connect throughout the day:
You can also track when clients are disconnected/off, roaming or roaming between different networks:
Network Location Tracking
SRUM (System Resource Utilization Monitor) stats
What? We now query the SRUM database on Windows 10 Clients and this is stored on the server for reporting/analysis.
Where? Resource Usage Dahsboard
SRUM Report Dashboard

Wi-fi Tracking

What? StifleR now reports and tracks the wifi signal strength when connected to WiFi and sends this back to the server. We can also track the number of clients per WiFi Access Point and make sure that only clients with good signal strength can share content via BranchCache P2P.
Why? So we can know if clients are on bad WiFi networks in order to disable/enable different P2P capabilities in the future.
Where? There are several places to check the average WiFi signal strength. Either per accessing the WMI or using some of our pre-baked reports.
WiFi Heat Map Dashboard

IPv6 and Direct Access support

StifleR now supports Direct Access VPN .

Local Admin Tracking/Modification

You can now list the members of the local administrators group on StifleR Clients.
Why? So you can see how has admin rights.
Where? If you search for a machine and then hit the “List admins” in the Client Info dashboard
What’s next? Triggers when Admins are added/removed and the ability to remove unwanted administrators.

Local Time zone in Locations

Perfmon Counters (Server)

Why? To enable better monitoring of the StifleR Server health
Where? Windows Performance Monitor
What Next? Dashboards based on this data