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StifleRulez.xml Configuration Guide


The StifleR client prioritizes BITS and Windows 10 Delivery Optimization (DO) downloads by checking through its queue of active jobs and matching them against a locally held XML configuration file. This file contains a set of Administrator configured rules that define various download types and the priority that should be assigned to each.
It is also possible to assign ‘Auxiliary Bandwidth’ to a certain type (or types) of content which is in addition to the Target Bandwidth that is assigned to a subnet/location.
This allows you to configure the download priority, i.e. which type of download goes first, second, third etc. in the download queue, according to download type, as well as how much bandwidth is assigned to each of these specific download types. This allows the Administrator highly granular control over all content transfers.
The actual XML file is named StifleRulez.xml and is installed to:
%PROGRAMDATA%\2Pint Software\StifleR\Client


A rule is matched to the download job that you want to control using different matching verbs. Once a download has been matched, it is then linked to a StifleR “download type”. The processing order is:
* The BITS/DO job name is matched and assigned a Job type.
* The Job type is then associated with a Download Type, against which the BITS/DO priority is set.
The StifleR client first needs to determine the ‘Type’ of download according to the rules within the XML. It starts at the top of the first section and works through the rules until it either has a match for the download type, or there are no matching criteria, in which case the download will be classed as ‘Unknown’.
Once a download type is found, (even if that type is ‘Unknown’), the client looks at the second section of the XML to find a match for that type of download which defines the settings for that transfer.
The first section of the file contains some version information. This can be useful if you are maintaining your own custom rules definitions, or in checking that you have the latest 2Pint version.
<StifleRData xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
<Issuer>2Pint Software</Issuer>