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StifleR Generic Concepts

Delivery Optimization Groups

DO groups are set up through WMI by grouping clients together using the DO Group ID. You can set this using a generated GUID (PowerShell can do this for you) or you could use the Location IDs that you are already using in StifleR (these will be unique in your environment). StifleR will check to see if the client is DO capable (Windows Build 14393/Version 1607 and above), DO enabled (Download mode is not set to ”0”) and then check if a DO Group ID is present in the LocationData.xml file. Once StifleR has all of this information DO group membership can be ascertained and the DO group is then managed in the same manner as a location. Note that as the DO group is meant to be well connected and used specifically for P2P file sharing there is no Blue Leader functionality as all members should be local.