Local Internet breakout

Policy is per network group id

Policy allows for additional speed given to Internet

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New scenario capabilities for Internet breakouts

Location with internet breakout

StifleR has an option on the location that indicates local internet breakout. This allows traffic coming from the Internet destination to be managed differently than other traffic. This setting can be used together with a new setting on a location, the InternetBandwidth value, which is then shared across all active machines. If throttle is not required, the value can be set to 0 (default value).

The values above can be used in combination with locations having VPN, WellConnected flagged.


Scenario A – Unthrottled internet speed

Computer A is starts to downlad a content via BITS from the Internet. The computer is in a location that is bandwidth managed, but has local Internet breakout with good speed. As the client sees that the destination of the job is a public IP, it will not throttle the connection as the location has been defined with LocalInternetBreakout set and a bandwidth value set to 0.

Scenario B – Throttled internet speed

Computer A, B and C starts a download from Internet. The computers are in a location with local Internet breakout that has a InternetBandwidth value throttled to 60Mb/s. As three clients are active and downloading, it will split the bandwidth across the active client, resulting in each client getting 20Mb/s.

Scenario C – VPN with local internet breakout

Computer A starts a download while being on VPN, the VPN location has been set to use local internet breakout, which means that Internet traffic is not tunnelled, and therefor not needed to be throttled as the InternetBandwidth is set to 0. If the InternetBandwidth where to be set to a value, the rate would throttled per group of machine linked to the actual VPN subnet entry in StifleR.

Note: The InternetBandwidth is controlled from the server when the client is connected. If bandwidth is overused, an administrator can at runtime change the InternetBandwidth value and the clients will start reducing their rate to the throttled value. If the previous value was 0 it will then start to throttle the clients. If a client is not connected, the default value is used from the .config file, default is 0 (unthrottled).


No need to change/upate anything in the rules XML, the Internet throttle is for all Internet jobs if enabled with no individual client settings.

Location entry has two new properties:

“LocalInternetBreakout” which is a true false, saved as a flag on the location.

InternetBandwidth, a value in Kbit/s of how much throttle, zero means unthrottled.

Dashboard now tracks the data used per the following major groups:

VPN, Internet, Local, LEDBAT, Regular

Other option

Detect VPN and or other setting and completely lift all throttling. But this can already be achieved, as throttle is not in place.

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