Roaming Clients

StifleR uses the concept of 'Roaming Clients' and enables the ability to set bandwidth according to the client location and connectivity. A roaming client (in StifleR terms) is one that is not connected to the corporate network i.e. a known location/subnet or is non-domain joined and/or authenticated.

In these cases there are a couple of choices as to how these clients can be configured. These are determined by the StifleR Server setting DefaultRoamingBandwidth.

The default setting is 0 (disabled) which means that by default a StifleR client that roams will have all Bandwidth policies removed.

If, however, that parameter is set to anything other than zero Roaming policy will be applied (split between Delivery Optimization and BITS)

i.e. If a Default RoamingBandwidth of 50Mbs (51200) is set then the clients would get 25Mbs for BITS and 25Mbs for Delivery Optimization

There are two types of Roaming Client – Roaming and connected to a StifleR server: (possible if the client still has a route to the StifleR Server – via Azure for instance) and - Roaming but not connected to a StifleR server.

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