Visibility and Control Through the StifleR Dashboards

NOTE: We strongly advise to view the Dashboards only on administrative workstations rather than directly on a Server. Servers are generally not built with graphical applications in mind.

The 2Pint StifleR Dashboards allow you to monitor and control the movement and location of individual data streams, while it is being transferred over the network, in real time.

Without this visibility, you’re flying blind and may be at risk when dealing with zero-day security patches, requests from high profile users, mission-critical fixes, and other high priority content distribution.

The various StifleR Dashboards allow you to drill down through Location and/or Job paths. At each step there is the ability to set various parameters and control distribution through such settings as Bandwidth allowance or job priorities from the Global level, Site/Subnet level, right down to the individual client.

Real Time Monitoring Reporting and Visibility

Using StifleR you have complete visibility over WAN and LAN transfers globally through the Dashboards. The Dashboards update several times per second thus giving an up to the second view of content transfers. The SignalR architecture also allows you to have as many dashboards open as you like without putting a strain on the server infrastructure.

The dashboards allow real time monitoring of all content transfers within the enterprise, all from a single view. From the main dashboard you can then drill down from a multi subnet Site through individual subnets right down to single client data.

StifleR tracks all content being downloaded on the clients and reports this data back to the StifleR server. All this data is then made available for reporting on the StifleR server directly in WMI or graphically through the Dashboards interface. StifleR will give you a view of all active and queued downloads at a given Location. A BITS client only supports a single active download at a time and therefore it is on this that StifleR reports and sends data.

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