Release Notes


StifleR 2.10 is the newest release of 2Pint Software's StifleR content and bandwidth management platform which replaces version 2.6 as the current release.

Release Date

October 20, 2023

Release Build Versions

Agent: 2.10.828.1530 Beacon: 2.10.828.1602 Dashboard: 2.10.828.1542 Server: 2.10.828.1601

New Features & Functionality

  • Redesigned user interface for the StifleR dashboard

  • Introduced templates for network bandwidth and settings control

  • Introduced a new leader type called Blue leader

  • Introduced a new leader type called Green leader for dedicated caching systems

  • Remote client tools are now available to view Event Log, run PowerShell commands interactively, initiate a remote desktop connection, and view performance counters through the StifleR client

  • Added user process elevation tracking to report on endpoints running with administrative accounts or processes launched with administrative accounts

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Improved the network detection logic

  • Changed the database format to be more performant

  • Resolved several issues with the machine idle time out detection

  • Resolved several UI performance and labeling issues

  • Improved the beacon logic to measure the bandwidth available to an endpoint

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