StifleR Overview

This is the StifleR 2.10 (current) release documentation. For other versions, please select the Drop Down list at the Top Left and select the correct version.

Executive Summary

What Does It Do?

StifleR optimises WAN Bandwidth usage and ensures that your Users and Workstations obtain the content that they need from a source local to them in the most efficient way possible, while protecting network bandwidth, prioritizing traffic, and giving real-time visibility and control over your Software Distributions through the StifleR Dashboards.

Why Do You Need It?

‘StifleR – How to be the Network team’s best friend in 5 minutes or less’

Would you get onto an airplane knowing that Air Traffic Control Radar wasn’t working? Of course not! Without StifleR your WAN and LAN traffic is ‘flying blind’ with little control over speed or priority. Without monitoring or control, how do you know if your Users aren’t choking the corporate network, downloading or streaming mundane or personal content and blocking high priority business traffic such as your Point-of-Sale data or critical Windows Updates? StifleR delivers the ability to centrally monitor and dynamically control these data streams.

StifleR-assisted content delivery quickly decreases the bandwidth load on your network. The greater the number of StifleR enabled clients across an enterprise, the more efficient content delivery becomes.

How It Works – The Overview From 10,000 Feet

Microsoft clearly sees P2P as the future of content delivery and so should you!

StifleR has been built around the awesome Microsoft Content Distribution and Peer to Peer Caching technologies that are now an integral part of Microsoft’s preferred delivery solutions. BranchCache is the mature WAN Accelerator that’s been built into the Windows operating systems for over 7 years. In Windows 10, StifleR gives you the power to manage Delivery Optimization (DO) which is now the download and cache engine of choice for that platform and for Microsoft distributed content in general. SifleR also manages and enhances the performance of Microsoft Configuration Manager Client Peer Cache which is the solution specifically designed for CM content delivery. Now with Windows Server 2016, StifleR gives you control and visibility over Microsoft’s latency optimized, network congestion control provider called LEDBAT, which stands for Low Extra Delay Background Transfer. LEDBAT is designed to automatically yield bandwidth to users and applications, but is able to utilise the entire bandwidth available and allocate any extra to background services.

StifleR is built on Microsoft’s SignalR which is a massively scalable lightweight platform for real-time network wide communications which enables up to the moment monitoring and end point control between Servers and consumers.

By uniting and giving you control over these various technologies we built a solution that can pamper, whittle, slice and dice your content delivery from the CEO’s Surface Book all the way to the remotest of remote Locations. You have full control and visibility over Windows Updates, Applications, Office files, CM Content even your users personal content streaming, all in real time.

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