Configure Microsoft Peer-to-Peer Components

Enabling BranchCache

BranchCache is the key Microsoft peer-to-peer technology in which StifleR manages the best. In order to prepare for a successful POC, it is important to enable BranchCache on all systems relevant to the POC.

Step: If using Configuration Manager, enable BranchCache on all Servers / CM Distribution Points

If you have a simple lab environment, you should perform this step (if required) on all your Distribution Points. If you are planning on testing in a production environment, make sure that you perform this step ONLY on the relevant DP where your test clients will obtain their deployment content. The below page describes the process of enabling BranchCache on Windows Server, including DPs.

Step: Enable BranchCache on the Test Client Systems

In this step you will enable and configure the BranchCache service on the client systems. In a production environment this is best set scripts, a CM configuration baseline, or group policy, but for the purposes of testing on a limited number of machines it is easiest to simply use the ‘nesh’ command.

Enabling Delivery Optimization

As well as BranchCache, StifleR can utilize download jobs which use Microsoft's Delivery Optimization (DO) peering technology. See the below page for more information on DO and some caveats:

Enabling LEDBAT on CM DPs (Optional)

Microsoft integrated LEDBAT technology into Configuration Manager distribution points several years ago. LEDBAT is a bandwidth congestion control technology which is designed to use unused bandwidth and to reduce network congestion when load is high. See the below page for more information on LEDBAT and how to enable it:

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