Install and Configure StifleR


In this section you will:

  • Remove BITS policies

  • Prep for Installation

  • Complete Pre-Installation Checklist

  • Install the StifleR Server components

  • Deploy StifleR Clients

  • Configure Network Locations

Step: Remove BITS Policies

In this step you will check for and remove any BITS policy that has been set within Configuration Manager and/or Active Directory. Such settings can interfere with the efficient operation of the automated Bandwidth mechanisms in StifleR.

Remove Configuration Manager Client BITS Policy (if configured)

In the Configuration Manager console, BITS settings can be configured in "Client Settings" as shown below:

Make sure that this is set to No (default setting), as this configures a local BITS policy on the clients which we do not want.

Remove any BITS AD Group Policy (if configured)

Within the Active Directory Group Policy Editor, go to: Computer Configuration - Policies - Administrative templates - Network - Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)

Ensure that there are no BITS policies configured. If present, remove them from effecting any test clients.

Step: Prep for Installation

StifleR Server

Prepare a suitable server to act as the StifleR Server. If testing in a small lab, this can be any server for the purposes of testing as the load will be very light. If implementing in a production environment, check out the StifleR Server Considerations page for sizing information.

Step: Pre-Installation Checklist

Review the following pages prior to Installation:

Step: StifleR Server and Component Installations

Follow the instructions within the below pages in the following order:

Step: Deploy StifleR Clients

Follow the instructions in the page below to deploy the StifleR Clients to clients you would like to test:

Step: StifleR Network Locations

As StifleR clients report into the StifleR server, they will begin to populate their network information into StifleR.

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